Hi. I write code in JS/TS stack . Majorly in React + Express stack.

Till this date I have worked in 3 different companies , mostly to build websites/ apps or create memes.

My first job was at Flipshope as a web developer intern for 3 months. I mostly built chrome extensions. This was completely new to me, I learnt the chrome APIs for a week or two and started building the chrome extensions. One of the project that I worked on and still exists is Quick view, an extension for viewing price history of a product in amazon.in . Built couple of other extensions like multi-copy paste, gmeet attendance dashboard extensions etc.

The second job or my first full time job was at Krayen as a Fullstack developer. Eventhough I was a E&E undergrad I somehow landed a developer job by learning from Udemy,YT. I built a portfolio website as well, which was enough to land this job. The company was very small (14 people) with only 3 developers (rest were data engineers/ AI guys). I learnt a lot here , like I learnt to build and deploy websites from scratch, learnt how to build mobile apps using React native which at that time was completely new to me. After 6 months into the company,when we were planning to build our own inhouse system for hospitals, one of our clients liked our work and acqui-hired the entire company of 14-16 people.This was huge for us , that meant more salary for us. The company that acqui-hired us was 5cnetwork. At Krayen, I helped in starting prodigiPASS - a diagnostic fullfilment app, where patients can search for diagnostic centers and hospitals. This was a major project that helped us in getting acqui-hired by 5cnetwork. Also built a sales app like salesforce to plan,schedule sales meeting for sales people at 5cnetwork and a google reviews sentiment analysis dashboard that took google reviews and gave insights using ML models.

My last 6 months was at 5cNetwork . This was another good experience where I got exposure to real production software. Built features that was being used by a internal team of 70-80 / day. Here, I worked on building an internal agreement app that sends agreement proposals to clients( earlier the company was using pandadoc which costed around 2000 dollars per anum), contact management app to maintain all contacts of clients and the core platform for diagnostic reporting/delivery. I also integrated chatgpt API for correcting grammar in an internal app. My last project at 5cnetwork was prodigiPASS for mobile , an app built for doctors to refer diagnostic centers.

Currently I am working on a car reselling website. Built the landing page for it (check here) using react-three-fiber. This website uses Nextjs 13 with server components (good for seo) but still it was not getting indexed on google because of the animation loading time. I have removed the animation for now and improved its SEO .(Check current version of the site) . Eventhough it did not rank high enough but it is getting indexed and google and will be in the results for keywords like “friends auto cars secondhand” .

Other stuff that I did :

During my college, I worked at Arcana Network  as a part time social media meme creator. I was following all the latest trends on the internet and came up with the memes that suited Arcana network’s social presence .

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You want to talk to me ? write to me at varshithkumar553@gmail.com